Taking the Plunge: NaNoWriMo 2011

As I have already mentioned, this year I am in fact attempting NaNoWriMo for what will be the third or fourth time. I was on the fence for a while for this year’s event. I wanted to finish another story I’ve been working on, which I’ve discussed in an earlier post as well, and I have yet to succeed in making that 50k mark. I thought it might be best to take a breather this year as I certainly didn’t want this November to end in failure too. Obviously I have changed my mind (and I’m not going to lie – when I.K. Lore told me she was participating I was quite easily swayed). At first I was going to go to wing it, as planning obviously didn’t help me in previous years. But, once again, I had a change of heart. This season is certainly a season of heart changing, at least for me. So yes, I am taking the plunge, with a novel I am so unbelievably eager to write I can hardly contain myself. Less than an hour until I begin, so wish me luck~

I love hearing about the experiences of my fellow nanoers, so tell me, are YOU taking the plunge this November?


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