NaNoWriMo – To Plan or Not to Plan

This year marks my fourth attempt at Nano, and for all previous years I decided to plan my novel before writing. Hasn’t worked for me yet though, as I have yet to make it to the 50k (Can’t seem to turn off that inner editor!). I considered winging it this year, and I even had a potential plot waiting in the wings. I wound up going with a somewhat planned story though. So far so good. I’m considering ‘pantsing’ it next year and I’m curious to hear peoples experiences with the whole plan-no plan debate for nano. Did you plan your story or did you wing it? Maybe both? What worked for you or what didn’t?


3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – To Plan or Not to Plan

  1. When I started my first novel back in October, I only knew 2 things: how to begin, and how to end. Everything in between was up for grabs. I’m now 25k words in, and I haven’t needed to plan yet. I jot down an idea once in a while, but mainly, I’ve been letting my characters do the planning. It’s actually pretty fun! I always envisioned myself as a plan-it-to-the-last-detail kind of writer, but all these years, I think I was just using that as an excuse for procrastination. I’ve written more words in the last month than I think I have over the course of my entire life! I’m very excited about NaNo; can’t wait to see how my story will turn out.
    Good luck with yours!

    • I had something very much the same happen to me, actually. I used to plan every detail, but this year I’m writing with only a loose plan in mind and so far the story is flowing much better. I guess the middle route is best? Not too much planning, not too little, haha. Best of luck to you as well, and thanks~!

      • Yeah, you’re probably right about middle of the road. I’m beginning to draw up a better plot and some character sheets now. It’s getting kind of hard to keep my characters in line! I also haven’t been very consistent with anything, plotwise or characterwise. I’m going to have a lot of editing to do!

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