Podcasts, anyone?

Thought I would share some of my favourite podcasts, all of which are about writing and the publishing industry:

  • Wordplay – only a few months old, but probably my favourite so far
  • Galactic Suburbia – speculative fiction podcasts from Australia, and also very, very long (but wonderfully enjoyable)
  • Writing Excuses – short and sweet and very interesting

I didn’t think I’d get so into podcasts, but I have. Especially the ones with a more casual, relaxed and conversational style to them. I’m also starving for more, so if you have any good podcasts you can recommend to me (about writing or publishing preferably!), please do!


2 thoughts on “Podcasts, anyone?

  1. My brother tells me there are some great cooking programs on pod-casts, but I’ve never brought myself to listen to them.

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