Day One

So. My first day. I’ve put up a counter on the side to track my word count. Aiming for around 60 000 words, however if I feel the story has reached its conclusion before that, or needs a few thousand more, that number will be tossed out the proverbial window. I feel a little lost without some sort of guidepost at this point.

I did not spend the entire day writing. Let me begin by saying that. Also, I will not post my word count for today as it was abysmal. Writing today sort of felt like stumbling around in the dark. Disorienting. I spent a good chunk of the day doing my readings for school this week which probably didn’t help much. I think from now on I’ll try and get some writing done before I crack open my books. Thankfully I finished most of my readings today, so the rest of the week is pretty much in the clear and will afford me lots of writing time.

– A.R.

*Just to note – I’m working on a project I’d started a little over a month ago, if you’re wondering why my word count is that high after only one day.