Website reloaded and some pictures

Hullo, all~

Been absent of late as I have been working hard revamping my website. It wasn’t due for a change, I’d only updated it about a year ago, but it was inefficient and dull, so hopefully the changes I’ve made make the website more inviting and interesting.

I can now be found at:

Also, I.K. Lore reminded me to share some of my art, so here it is:

A bust of Lucien Esselnor. A character of mine who is also in the story I am writing with I.K. It’s not complete but I.K. was eager to see it, so here he is~

A masquerade plays a major role in the story, and among our characters, some disguise themselves as waiters or servers at the masquerade. My character, Arika, is one of them, and that’s her face in the corner there.

I’ve also put my current novel-in-progress on a temporary hiatus. It was rather foolish of me to attempt my word count tracking endeavor before NaNoWriMo, which I will be joining in again this year. Hopefully with some success. I’ve changed usernames, and am now participating under the user ‘A R Flynn’. Feel free to add me if you’d like to be writing buddies~

Anyway. Now that the new site is up, I’ll be more active on this blog again.

– A.R.